Thursday, February 7, 2008

SOS Mothers Elect New Representative

On 16 January, the SOS mothers assembled to elect their mother representative for the next two years. The proceedings took place at the Village Director’s Office where Mama Peninah was elected the new mother representative. Mama Ngudi was elected the new assistant mother representative. Mama Peninah will be taking over from Mama Lavinia who has served her two year term.

Mama Lavinia expressed her thanks and appreciation to the mothers and staff for their support throughout her 2-year in term. She stated that many good things had happened during her term in office and that her duties and had been varied and interesting. She hoped that the mutual cooperation between the mothers and the management would be further strengthened in the years to come. She urged the mothers to give the new representative the same support, adding that the work of a mother rep is quite challenging but can be made easier if the mothers stand solidly behind their representative.

The Village Director Peter Mungai congratulated the newly elected rep. He is confident that the Mama Peninah will be equal to the task.

The mother representative interfaces with the administrative office in the running of the village.

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Anonymous said...

I am a supporter of one of the children in Eldoret. Today I received your letter about the present situation in the SOS villages in Kenya. Of course it touches me. I really hope that the situation will calm and peace will return. Of course, me and my company will keep supporting you.
The idea with the weblog is great. It really gives us here in Germany the feeling to be closer to what happens in Kenya.
All the best, Mark