Friday, November 28, 2008


In line with the SOS Kenya National Association development plan, the SOS Children’s Village Eldoret is at the moment undergoing an expansion plan. Construction of an additional 3 family houses has already started in Eldoret village to cater for the rising number of orphans. This will bring the total number of family houses to 15.

Construction is also underway for an SOS Community Health and Social Centre inside the Children’s Village. It will address HIV/AIDS issues and serve as a VCT Centre, providing anti-retroviral treatment and counselling services to HIV+ persons. It will also provide basic services and rehabilitation programs for children in need of special protection drawn primarily from the Eldoret catchment area. The former craft center will undergo reconstruction to house the project.

The village is rearing cows as an income generating activity and the milk from the cows is being sold to the family houses and the youth homes. Each family house has a small garden where they plan to grow kale to supplement the family budget. A new electric fence was also recently erected to improve security. A new sentry house for the guards has also been built. The former chicken coop has been refurbished to house the craft centre, the laundry, workshop, youth leaders' office and a library.

A modern parking spot has also been erected near the administration block.

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