Monday, February 2, 2009


Youth from Eldoret get together to mark the beginning of the New Year

We had an absolutely fabulous reunion with our youth at the beginning of this year. About 70 youth, some in colleges, others from their places of work and those aspiring to join colleges met at a large get together party in Eldoret to usher in the New Year. It was a sight to behold as the youth engaged themselves in chit chat. What a wonderful time! This was a good opportunity to meet all the youth some of whom have taken a long time to visit home considering their daily engagements in school and work places.

The mothers could not hide their joy as they hugged and embraced their children in a show of love and affection. They renewed friendships and touched base with what each one of them was doing and their future plans. Each of them relived their childhood experiences as they jostled for seats closer to mummy. Some broke down in tears as they shared and recalled fond memories and happy times. During their meeting with the mothers, youth care co-workers and the village director; they appreciated and recalled what the organization has been able to do for them. The care givers reminded the youth that they have made each working day fun and challenged them to utilize their time well while still in the organization so as to have a bright future.

The get together, whose theme was “moving from school into the workforce”, targeted youth in college, those already working, those with families and youth who are preparing to join tertiary colleges. It appreciated the complex transition that most of our youth undergo when setting foundations for their lives. It is a critical period when young individuals develop and build skills, based on their initial education and training, that help them become productive members of the society. It is complex in the sense that many young people are being employed; others perform casual or unpaid work, or are easily discouraged from job searching.

The village director urged the youth to remain focused and push for their issues rather than adopt a wait and see attitude noting that they could be easily forgotten. He recognized those with outstanding performance and asked their counterparts to emulate them. “The society is going to demand your strength and, indeed, you will be strong to make this world a better place than you found it”, he added.

They did do more though than visit and enjoy each other's company. It was a great day that carried meaning. Speaking on behalf of the youth, Michael had this to say: “We are safe in saying that all of us have great admiration and appreciation for your support and endurance to help us be who we are today. There aren't enough words to express our appreciation to you our care givers”. What great memories!

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