Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today the world is marking World AIDS day to create awareness about HIV. The theme “universal access and human rights” addresses the need to protect human rights and attain access for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. It also lays emphasis on the need to minimize discrimination of people living with AIDS. At SOS Children’s Village Eldoret, the mood of the day was captured by children putting their thoughts and feelings on paper. Here are some of the excerpts from the children about World AIDS Day as seen from their perspective:

“There is no cure for AIDS”

AIDS can get into our bodies any time. It can be spread though sharing and piercing instruments like nail cutters, razor blades, unprotected sexual behaviors, blood transfusion, mother to child transmission at birth. We should not share cutting or piercing instruments. Those who do first aid for injured people should use protective gloves so that they don’t get infected. Those people living with AIDS should be loved and cared for without any discrimination.

We should respect and love persons living with HIV/AIDS especially those who are orphans and are infected. We should give enough food and shelter for them to live a longer life. They should have equal opportunities just like those who are not infected.

AIDS is killing millions of people all over the world. I like to inform all of us never to engage in sex before marriage.

AIDS is mainly transferred through sexual activities. Know your status by visiting a VCT center

Today is a very special day for everyone. We remember the first man to be infected with AIDS. It is a day all of should know our status. We should know that a person infected by AIDS is part of us. We should not discourage people infected with AIDS. Anyone can be infected so we need to take good care of ourselves by not engaging in unprotected sex, avoid sharing objects such as needles, toothbrush and razor blades.

As we celebrate the World AIDS Day, let us remember to pray and care for those infected so they can get well. We should also show love and care for people living with AIDS.

World AIDS Day is a day to celebrate and assist people living with AIDS. We should not hate people since they need our help. When we visit them in hospitals, we should take them food and clothes. It is not easy to know who does not have AIDS so it is the duty of everyone to take care of themselves by behaving responsibly.

AIDS where did you come from? You came bouncing like a monster when mother was heavy with a new born baby.

People who have AIDS must be cared for, loved and must never be separated from the rest of the people since they are part and parcel of us. I love this day very much because people are willing to know about their status.

Compiled by Fredrick Ochieng, Youth Care Co-worker

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