Saturday, February 13, 2010

Great expectations for Form 1 students

It was all smiles as 11 SOS children who sat for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in 2009 joined Form One of secondary school. The students reported to their new schools last week, all of which were provincial or national schools, with excellent reputations. We encourage the children to work hard and aim high.

For all of them, this is their first experience living away from home for an extended period of time. It is a definite break from home and a complete 180-degree turn from the life they are currently used to. Apart from the increased academic demands there is also formation of new friendship with class mates, knowing the teachers, and adjustment to the unfamiliar environment.

An overjoyed Dorothy from house 4 said that she hopes to do well in her new school. Mercy from house 12 asserts that she is up to the challenge and promises to manage the basic tasks such as eating, sleeping, and going to class. Even as most of them were excited to take on this new experience of boarding life, others were feeling apprehensive about making this change. “I am feeling nervous”, said George from house 1. Being one of the first major transitions, this is understood, assured the Youth Care Co-workers Coordinator.

The beauty of this transition, which undoubtedly comes with great expectations, is that the youth will gain independence and take charge of the many choices and decisions that we have made for them in the past. A typical day in school is more structured and so there is a lot of reading inside of class.

Wriiten by Fred Ochieng, Youth Care Co-worker Coordinator

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