Tuesday, July 15, 2008


SATURDAY 5 July 2008 was a special day in the village, continuing the tradition of celebrating the SOS Day. It's the one day of the year on which the entire SOS community has the opportunity to come together as one to commemorate the day and to honour the late Hermann Gmeiner. His outstanding achievement was to make the children’s universal right to a family his claim. He dedicated his entire life to creating a family-like-environment for abandoned children, which later evolved into SOS Children’s Villages. While the content of this day has changed over the years, some things remain constant: notably the spirit, time to reflect and sense of community generated on this day for participants.

Children from 9 children’s homes were invited for the occasion. During last year’s celebration, SOS Children’s Village Eldoret visited various children’s homes in a programme dubbed “Reaching out to the Community” and spent time with the children. These homes benefited from donations of foodstuff and clothes. This time round, we were playing host to these homes. It was a simple yet meaningful ceremony. The guests were allocated to each family house and had an opportunity to meet and mingle with the SOS children from each of the family houses throughout the day. Their faces radiated happiness as they strolled in the village, eliciting excitement from their hosts who welcomed them with a rose flower as they arrived.

Children from the invited homes mesmerized invitees and guests during the function, performing beautifully choreographed dances, songs and choral verses heavily laden with scriptural messages. It was the performance of a fashion show that displayed the power, talent, vigour and strength of the children, leaving the entire audience spellbound.

The theme for this year’s celebration “Children’s Responsibilities” was aptly captured by every speaker. The Village Director, Mr. Peter Mungai Muiruri enlightened the guests on the progress of SOS Children's Villages and highlighted the upcoming programmes and developments. Stressing the theme, he challenged the children to take advantage of the opportunities around them to learn and uphold good values that will make them worthy members of the society. He lauded the representatives from the various homes for complementing each other in the work of childcare.

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