Monday, July 7, 2008

A new village fence to protect the children

Since the inception of the family strengthening programme (FSP) in the village there has been a bee-hive of activities in and out of the village. Children were amazed at the rate at which lorries carried construction materials in and outside the gate with so many workers criss-crossing the compound. As a matter of fact they exclaimed at the rate at which the tarmac was being erased by the trucks carrying cement.

The FSP is expected to attract a substantial number of clients ranging from children to old people on the compound once the construction comes to an end, but not all may be in need. Thus the electric fence will come in handy to control the entry and exit of people to the facility through one focal point.

In addition there has been a challenge from marauding dogs that spill litter all over the village in search of left over food from the family houses. The electric fence would curb the mess once and for all and keep the dogs out.

The current electrification project has been done with much skill and professionalism compared to the previous fence that could not do much to protect the residents from predators. The system is centrally controlled; the Village Director is in a position to monitor the happenings with the security systems and therefore make instant and necessary decisions at the appropriate time.

In summary the electrification of the fence around the SOS Children’s Village was a land mark project in the district bearing in mind that it was one of the areas worst hit by the post election violence. So many children were exposed to the hazards in the community brought about by the sense of homelessness. Its all thumbs up to the National Director for assisting this project to take effect. It gives a sense of both physical and psychological security to the residents making the Children’s Village a real home for children to stay, play and grow towards independence.

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