Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A walk down the aisle…

6th April 2008 would continue to be remembered with fond memories for a long time to come as the entire SOS Children’s Village Eldoret was invited to the wedding of one of their daughters in Nairobi. It was a happy moment for the entire family of Mama Ngundi in Eldoret from where the girl had grown up. She had phoned out of the blue and told us that she had met a guy at the university. She had known him for a while and, he had asked her to marry him. She described him as being, short, brown, and handsome. Also he was a kind and gentle man.

Naturally, the mother, the youth leaders and “Baba” Mungai (Village Director) asked the usual questions. Her answer being, “Do not worry”. “I know what I am doing and I love him”. We gave her our blessing and began the wedding preparations.Eventually, the big day came. It was forecast to rain all day. We hoped and prayed to God that it wouldn’t rain on the wedding day for our daughter. We embarked on a long and bumpy journey from Eldoret to Nairobi for the wedding the following day. The church where the ceremony was to be held was decorated in maroon and white with fairy lights everywhere. Everyone looked so nice, you would have thought that we were attending a fashion show. All the women were dressed beautifully, many wore makeup and high heels, and their very colourful dresses and veils were lovely.

A cavalcade of vehicles lined up for the procession that snaked its way from the Nairobi village to the church. First down the aisle were the flower girls, followed by the bridesmaids and escorts to the sound of a piano playing. There must have been thirty people in the procession. Then the pianist started playing the bridal march and our daughter came down the aisle. She looked so radiant in a fitted dress scattered with hand sewn crystals, that twinkled when the light caught them. She was walked down the aisle by “Baba” Mungai to the hands of the priest who officiated.

After their arrival at the reception to a standing ovation, we were served dinner followed by speeches from both sides of the family. The 3 tier cake was cut and photos taken again. Everyone milled around drinking and talking and generally having a good time. The wedding was an incredibly a colorful affair. The cameramen and the photographers all frequently focused on the same thing, so it was a bit like being at the Oscars.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that was very great. I feel happy and energized with such success stories about SOS children and youth. Baba Mungai and your team, you are doing a wonderful work.

Charles Kiyimba